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The companies we mention on this website offer professional residential and commercial roofing services, including big or small repairs, replacements, complete tear downs, scheduled maintenance and inspections. They work on almost any type of roof — flat, shingle, tile, wood or metal. A good, experienced, licensed and insured Jacksonville roofing contractor provides quality workmanship and top-of-the line products to choose from.

Roofs fall into one of two categories — steep-slope or low-slope. Steep-slope roofs are typically what almost all residential homes have and low-slope refers to the almost flat roofs that most commercial buildings have. There are six main components to a homeowner's roof:

1. Roof structure — rafters and trusses that are designed to carry and support the sheathing and the covering.
2. Sheathing — wood boards or plywood material that are attached to the rafters to make a solid structure for the building's covering. An underlayment material is put over the sheathing to protect it from the weather.
3. The covering — most often some type of asphalt shingles, but can be tile, slate, wood shake or metal.
Jacksonville home gets a new roof4. Flashing — typically sheet metal that is carefully placed between the joints and valleys where the covering meets with another item, such as a chimney. Proper flashing installation is needed to prevent water seepage.
5. Water drainage — the slope and layout of the roof designed to move water off the roof and into gutters and downspouts.
6. Ventilation — this is the addition of vents and air intakes placed between the roof and the living areas of the home. Proper ventilation keeps the bottom of the roof at roughly the same temperature as the top of the roof.

Here are several of the top Duval County Florida companies:

Gates Roofing is a roofing, vinyl siding and sunroom contractor that has been serving Jacksonville, St Augustine and the beaches since 1998.

Integrity Roofing Systems is a Jacksonville roofing contractor that provides commercial and residential roofing installation and repairs in northern Florida and Georgia.

United Roofing specializes in new roofs, repairs and finding and fixing leaks. They work with homeowners as well as managers of industrial and commercial buildings.

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Jacksonville roof contractors are some of the re-roofing specialists working the northeast corner of Florida, including Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Neptune Beach and Orange Park.
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Jacksonville FL roofing services for local homeowners who need reliable project managers to complete repairs or replacement of asphalt shingles, rain gutters or other work on the top of your house.
Roof repair contractor in Jacksonville can get you an estimate, set a start date, perform the job and get your building back into top shape.
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